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XL Custom mixed hardwood cutting board

XL Custom mixed hardwood cutting board

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20" x 10" x 3/4"

Beautifully handmade, hardwood, cutting board. This hardwood cutting board is the perfect cutting board for every day uses in your home. It is created with inset handles on the sides and rubber feet for an anti slip grip. This board will make a beautiful accent piece in your home. The possibilities for this board is endless!!

This hardwood cutting board is completely handmade by us. We design the shape and layout of the board in house, choose the wood varieties and colors we like, cut them, glue them up, and then make the finishing touches and details to make each board different and unique. This board is easy to pick up and handle when laying on a flat surface with its grooved handles and feet.

This cutting board in the photos is the exact board you will receive. This cutting/charcuterie board is made of hardwood walnut, maple, and exotic ambrosia maple, and purple heart in a rectangular shape.

These boards are primarily used for cutting goods, however you can also use them to serve wine and cheese. The wood itself can withstand cutting and is scratch resistant, not scratch proof.

Each board comes pre-oiled with a food grade Odie's cutting board oil or wax. You will also receive a free container of our homemade cutting board paste to apply monthly, and as needed to expanded the life of the board.

All sales are final. Please make sure your shipping address is correct at checkout as we are not responsible for incorrect shipping.

Due to each and every product we make being handmade and using raw wood no two items will be exactly the same and may come with slight imperfections. These imperfections however, will not compromise the integrity of the product.
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